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[Fillable] [eBook Design] Shore Teams - Investment Calculator

I did the design for a short (9 pages) ebook following client (Shore Teams) template examples and branding. Some pages have fillable boxes with preset text. One box even calculates a value. I designed the base of the ebook in InDesign and made final changes to the fillable forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I used free stock images from pixabay.com. 

<First Name> and <Function Title> are to be filled by the client.

Blended rate (Nan) will be calculated by the formula
total investement divided by numeber of developers.
 It's a java script code in Acrobat Reader.
var denominator = +getField("Number-dev").value;
var numerator = +getField("Investment").value;
if (denominator !== 0) {
    event.value = numerator / denominator;
} else {
    event.value = "";
I used the code from this resource.

If you need help with the design of company documents do contact me.

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