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Document Design

As an #upwork project I designed a document to be in line with client's branding and style guidelines. I aimed for a modern and contemporary look by using a full color background overlaid with semitransparent white boxes. I used photos from client's website, also I used the brand colors and style to design a background out of parallel slanted colored lines over which I overlaid white semitransparent boxes for text. The photos have a cohesive look, all being of smiling business people in colored circles. The titles are all in colored boxes that cut in the page layout, each line in a different color, but all colors being from the colors of the logo. The page numbers are in navy color circles with white text. Although there is a lot of text, it is well aerated, differentiated with green ticks/ boxes/ or red crosses and separated by titles in color boxes.  Client’s feedback: "Excellent quality and brilliant responsiveness. Great work, fast, super high quality.  Will work with

Home Monitoring Kit, Home Keeping Kit

I tried over time many forms of keeping track of work around the house and I found this style, writing progress on plain paper the most appealing to me. Paper still has it's charm now in this digital age, and it's a medium I find to be helpful. I created these forms for me to help me be better organized in home keeping and as they worked for me, I thought maybe they could help somebody else too, why not you? They are in .pdf format easily printed in A4 or Letter format and then filed in a folder you can make for your home. There are 5 files: + cleaning, you can print one for each major room in your house; + repeatable ideas, why not write down all those good new ideas; + little accidents, they are inevitable, why not write them down; + visits, it's good to remember who came, when and why; + musical searches, don't you get in the mood to search songs with a theme? Download on ETSY   13.09 euro I'm open to suggestions in making