sâmbătă, 24 iulie 2021

The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art

I am taking the course The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art by  Mattias Adolfsson, Illustrator, at domestika.org. Here are the drawing assignments I did, I lack drawing skills or exercise so be gentile in criticizing me. 

06.01.2021 Introduce yourself and introduce your drawing materials 

Hello! My name is Maria and I live in Romania. I use a simple mechanic 0.5 pencil and colored pencils and a sketch book. My sketchbook has thin paper and those are the best tools that I found for it. Hope this course inspires me to draw more.

What are your influences?

Hi! I grew up watching on TV Japanese anime like Sailor Moon and reading comic books from Disney. I love them still. Now I just make little doodles in my journal, things that happen in my life inspire me to draw. I recently discovered a few artists on Instagram and drawing challenges ("draw this in your style" type) that inspired me to try to draw, but draw using a computer in Corel Draw or Photoshop.

07.01 Drawing your materials

Create your ideal pens 

13.01.2021 Make yourself into a character
Draw a tattooed person 

21.04.2021 One-point perspective
Hi! I did a simple drawing of a room, with me on the bed, my husband showing up at the door and my daughter playing with butterflies. I added butterflies as a fantastic apparition. Two cats sit around, one on the bed and one under the bed.

24.07. 2021 Isometric perspective
 small part of a little city

vineri, 18 iunie 2021

Fundamentals of Graphic Design Course Assignments

I started to audit the course  Fundamentals of Graphic Design from Coursera. The course is free to watch& read but in the free version you can't send your assignments. I will do them nevertheless.

2021.07.07 Assignment 4.3 - Music band poster "The Delicious Apples" - album Have a taste!

2021.07.01 Assignment 4.2 - Double Contrast

Triple Contrast

2021.06.25 Assignment 4.1 - Single Contrasts

2021.06.18 Friday Assignment 3.2 - Moroccan pattern

2021.06.17 Thursday Assignment 3.1 - 3 colored complex shapes

2021.06.14 Monday Assignment 2.2 - 3 monograms and 3 business cards

2021.06.09 Thursday Assignment 2.1 - 4 images. Typeset the name of your object (e.g. "apple") in a typeface that relates to (or represents) each of the 4 adjectives that describe its character or attributes.

2021.06.07 Monday Assignment 1.2 - 3 Connotative images of an apple

 2021.06.05 Saturday Assignment 1.1 - 10 Denotative images of an apple