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Se afișează postări din octombrie, 2021

Document Design

As an #upwork project I designed a document to be in line with client's branding and style guidelines. I aimed for a modern and contemporary look by using a full color background overlaid with semitransparent white boxes. I used photos from client's website, also I used the brand colors and style to design a background out of parallel slanted colored lines over which I overlaid white semitransparent boxes for text. The photos have a cohesive look, all being of smiling business people in colored circles. The titles are all in colored boxes that cut in the page layout, each line in a different color, but all colors being from the colors of the logo. The page numbers are in navy color circles with white text. Although there is a lot of text, it is well aerated, differentiated with green ticks/ boxes/ or red crosses and separated by titles in color boxes.  Client’s feedback: "Excellent quality and brilliant responsiveness. Great work, fast, super high quality.  Will work with

Idei de cadouri Craciun pana in 200 lei

Craciunul se apropie si ati putea incepe sa va pregatiti lista cu cadouri de Craciun pentru cei dragi. Eu va propun cateva idei de cadouri pana in 200 lei pe care le-ati putea cumpara celor dragi. Mai gasiti si alte idei in magazinul meu Printado  sau in magazinul meu Etsy .  Pentru ea Bluza Frida Kahlo - Viva la vida 117 lei @ Printado Bluza Fa rai din ce ai  117 lei @ Printado Hanorac dama cu gluga Viva la Vida - Frida Kahlo Negru - 124 lei @ Printado Pentru el Hanorac barbat cu gluga Mihai Eminescu, Vreme trece, vreme vine Negru 124 lei @ Printado Bluza Fa rai din ce ai albastru melanj 117 lei @ Printado Pentru iubitorul de felicitari Felicitare personalizata Pret 150 lei @ O puteti tipari si trimite in plic, o puteti inrama sau o puteti trimite in format electronic. Pret pentru 1-3 persoane de ilustrat. Pentru persoane suplimentare se adauga 50 lei/ pers la cost. Pentru iubitorul de decoratiuni Cana Fa rai din ce ai 50 lei @ Printado Perna personalizata Fa rai

Karibu Business Plan

I designed the October Business Plan for Karibu. Karibu Solutions Inc. is a technology company based in Toronto, Ontario Canada specializing in marketing of products developed for migrant workers and their employers in international markets.  The result was 2 documents, one for web viewing and one for print. The document for web viewing had 62 pages. It implied formatting the text to match the branding guidelines given, adding photos from a short list of photos, redoing the charts and graphs to match the colors and fonts of the brand. Here are a few pages from the document.

Esentiale de toamna

Design nou in magazinul de pe Printado . (Sortati afisarea produselor dupa cele mai noi.) Esentiale de toamna Sacosa din panza Esentiale de toamna Rosu  60 lei Sacosa din panza Esentiale de toamna Galbena 60 lei Bluza personalizata dama Esentiale de toamna Migdala melanj 117 lei

Giveaway de toamna

Am organizat un #Giveaway pe Instagram. Ma apropii de 500 de urmaritori si urmeaza si ziua mea, pe 1 noiembrie si am zis ca ar fi frumos sa fac un giveaway de toamna. Toate sunt produse personalizate cu design facut de mine. O bluza cu #FridaKahlo, o sacosa de cumparaturi #faraidinceai, un calendar pentru a nota #zileledenastere ale celor dragi. Vedeti conditiile de participare pe instagram.

Logo redesign

I did the redesign of a logo for KSB ComServ company. The company sells packaging and wanted to upgrade their logo without changing it too much. I added the box to symbolize the packaging, moved the hands in the lightbulb and made the lightbulb yellow for a touch of patriotism, now the logo has the colors of the Romanian flag. How do you like it?

Brochure about Turkey

 I did the design for a 4 page travel brochure about Turkey for a travel agency in India. 

Social media posts for travel agency

I did a few of the social media posts for a travel agency in India. I did different sized posts for Emailer (portrait), Facebook (landscape), Instagram(square). I'm posting here only the Instagram ones because the others are similar.  Turkey social media post Kenya social media post Kenya social media post Thailand social media post


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