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spice si soare la apus


"A web design and analytics company looking for a new logo design.  We're looking for something simple yet different."   Hello! I made the letters as arrows to make you think about movement, the word SPIN is made to look like a hyperlink to make you think of the web and webdesign and the redish symbol is to make you think about spining and growth. I've made a design that relates to hyperlinks, web, webdesign and the loading of a page where a line is spining around a circle to show progress.

Horizon Tile & Carpet Southeast Inc. - logo

Horizon Tile & Carpet Southeast Inc.:  " We are a flooring installation company.  We install tile flooring in large buildings throughout Florida." Maria: carpet symbol or the sun, and tile symbol or the earth... I used one of my favorite color combintations, yellow and turqoise

TOXpro Academy - logo

" Logo creation for TOXpro Academy.  TOXpro Academy is brand of TOXpro. This academy aim to train Health & Safety Specialists. The TOXpro Academy logo should be based on the initial TOXpro logo." Maria: inspired by your site I added a tilted red border square with a symbol in it and the word ACADEMY beneath the TOX logo,  I also added the "Health & Safety Specialists" information

Right Side boat - logo

"We are looking for a boat name logo.  We will be using it on the side of the boat, and on t-shirts and hats. WE would like to possibly have a frigate bird, Cross, and hooks in the logo" Maria: I adapted a font to include the Cross, some hooks and a frigate bird, the text is right aligned to make you think of right and I also included 2 arros indicating the right direction, the version on purple is how it will look like on your boat, the other version is how it would look like on white t-shirts and hats. hope you like it!

Skojj - Smoothie Bicycle Cart - logo

" We need a logo design for a new company based in Helsinki Finland, called "Skojj". We have bicycle carts that sell fresh and juicy smoothies on the go.  You have open hands for your design, however the design should be rather simple. It will be used on every glas and napkin. The final design should communicate fresh, delicious, tasty and little like the American "lemon stand"." Maria:  a fun design: letters made of colorful straws   and an spinning orange to make you think of a bicycle and natural juice colorful drops of juice on the top ends of letters and spinning around the orange to make you think of abundance and different flavours... hope you like the idea and execution of this design! 

live active sport med - flyer

" We are looking for the design of a two sided postcard. We are looking for an 8" by 5" vertical design. We have our content ready to go, but need design, colours, font, and sizing to be adjusted." Maria: I liked the man out of symbols so I thought I could include it in the design, for the print shop I would need the original file in corel or vectorial file (.eps, .ai) so that the navy line matches in colour and position. On the back I moved the man to the left so that it has more space to run, on the front I can't do anything about it, but it's ok. 

Bon Bon - Sweet Shop - Logo

intre papadii

ne-am plimbat prin parcul Tabacarie si am observat regiuni pline cu papadii, in lumina dupaamiezii erau superbe asa ca nu am putut sa rezistam si am facut niste poze... cateva mai reusite cu Laura

1 mai

1 mai: luat Andreea de la gara, mancat mici, friptura si frigarui acasa (u la la!) o vizita rapida prin Vama Veche, lume multa si colorata ca de obicei! un tur al statiunilor, cam pustii, un cires japonez descoperit in Jupiter, SUPERB! apoi o vizita la cherhanaua  yummi pe 2 mai, mers la film la Minuscules, cute apoi plimbare prin ploaie marunta in zona veche si urcat in Moscheia Carol incheiat ziua cu o evadare din camera colorata a " Escape Room Constanta " duminica 3 mai o vizita la Manastirea Sf. Andrei.