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milka contest

 Illustration adapted in lila colour for milka contest, a winter full of tenderness.  It's about the cosy feeeling it gives you a warm cup of  cofee/tea while drinking it sitting at the window looking outsite at how it snows beautifully.

at the table illustration

I've made an illustration after a story I read about a family viewed from top sitting at the dinner table during winter holidays holding hands, giving thanks for the meal and for the presents and thinking about what other great holidays could be created during the year. It's a test for a job of illustrating more stories.

Student life illustration

I've made an illustration for an article I've written about choosing well the university you'll attend.  + Vrei sa devii student? Informeaza-te! / Want to become a student? Get informed! It's unfinished still, thinking about adding more elements to it. v01: v02:

idei decorare tort

2020.12.31 de Revelion  cu zmeura, afine si frisca 2019.12.31 de Revelion 2013.11.01 de ziua mea 2012.11.01 de ziua mea 2011.12.26 de Craciun brad din kiwi, cirese confiate si stafide 2011.09.08 de Sf. Maria Mica 2010.12.31 de Revelion 2010.12.05 de Sf. Nicolae 2010.11.01 de ziua mea 2007.12.30 de Revelion 2006.12.25 de Craciun 2006.12.18 de ziua mamei 2005.12.25 de Craciun