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Document Design

As an #upwork project I designed a document to be in line with client's branding and style guidelines. I aimed for a modern and contemporary look by using a full color background overlaid with semitransparent white boxes. I used photos from client's website, also I used the brand colors and style to design a background out of parallel slanted colored lines over which I overlaid white semitransparent boxes for text. The photos have a cohesive look, all being of smiling business people in colored circles. The titles are all in colored boxes that cut in the page layout, each line in a different color, but all colors being from the colors of the logo. The page numbers are in navy color circles with white text. Although there is a lot of text, it is well aerated, differentiated with green ticks/ boxes/ or red crosses and separated by titles in color boxes.  Client’s feedback: "Excellent quality and brilliant responsiveness. Great work, fast, super high quality.  Will work with
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Course Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate | Lindsay Marsh

I've started the Course on Udemy  Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate | Lindsay Marsh . Here are the student assignments I did. Photos from and .  2.1. Object removal using Photoshop > Select Subject > Content Aware Fill and tweaks 2.2. Building a photo composite 3. creating shadow 4. Creating a poster for a hamburger / fast food restaurant. I replicated the poster from the course but with another image for the hamburger and another background.

Felicitari Craciun

Daca doriti felicitari deosebite de Craciun gasiti in continuare cateva modele facute de mine. Ele se pot personaliza, trimite in format digital sau imprima. Comenzi la  /  tel. 0755072882. model FC10, 2021.12.01  model cer de noapte plin cu fulgi de zapada model FC9, 2021.12.03 model tricotat model FC8, 2020.12.20 model, 10 mici bucurii de Craciun felicitare bingo, salvati, completati/ bifati si distribuiti. nu uitati sa ma taguiti @maria_epuras model FC7, 2020.12.06 model cu tema religioasa ilustrand Sfanta Familie, Fecioara Maria cu pruncul Iisus si Iosif, de jur imprejur elemente vegetale si decoratiuni specifice bisericilor.  model FC6, 2020.12.01 Am folosit doar elemente de Craciun (crengute de brad, globulete, un brad, vasc, fulgi de nea) in culorile verde, alb si rosu intr-o felicitare cu aspect vintage. Urarea este" Va doresc un Craciun Fericit si luminos, plin de pace, de surprize placute si de dragoste!" model FC5, 2020.11.29

Giveaway de sezon, 8 felicitari

  GIVEAWAY de sezon, fac cadou un set de 8 felicitari de Craciun pe care le puteti scrie si darui prietenilor vostri impreuna cu cadourile de Craciun. Fiecare prieten va avea o felicitare diferita anul acesta. Cum participati aici pe blog? + follow conturilor mele  instagram maria_epuras , facebook urbnstyle , facebook amartis , facebook mariata + share in timeline pe facebook cu tag roAmartis + comentariu cu o urare de Craciun care v-a placut in mod deosebit si adresa voastra de email. Voi premia cea mai inspirata urare. Puteti sa va inscrieti cu mai multe comentarii pe facebook sau instagram .  Inscrieri pana pe 15.12.2021 ora 23:59. Concursul se desfasoara pe mai multe retele de socializare. Voi trimite felicitarile doar pe teritoriul Romaniei. EDITED 16.12. Multumesc tuturor pentru participarea la Giveaway, like-uri si comentarii!  Felicitari Caterina Vasluianu! Ati castigat giveawayul cu cele 8 felicitari! Mi-au placut in mod deosebit 2 urari pe care le-a postat doamna pe faceboo

Terms and conditions document redesign

On the #upwork platform I did the design of a Document with Terms and Conditions for a German Client working in Consultancy / . It implied designing the layout with blocks of color for headings, choosing the colors in line with the colors used on the website, creating a delicate border in line with the logo of the fairy. The text is Lorem Ipsum for privacy reasons. The real document had 6 pages, this preview, only one, because you get the idea of the design from one page. 

Planificator Financiar de Buget / Cheltuieli

Am facut designul pentru un planificator financiar de buget/ cheltuieli. Daca va place si il doriti abonati-va la lista mea de newsletter si veti primi linkul de descarcare pe e-mail.  Formular in care sa completati cheltuielile zilnice Formular in care sa completati lunar cheltuielile cu utilitatile si diferite abonamente. Formular in care sa completati situatia conturilor, veniturile, economiile, bugetul saptamanal. Formular in care sa completati lunar situatia totala a cheltuielilor impartite pe categorii.  Si apoi sa vedeti care este media, minimul si maximul cheltuielilor pe categorii.

Course Review: Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2021

What did I learn from  Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2021  by Brad Merrill on , 3,5 hours of video content, 10,99 euro.  + There is a big difference between / , the first being free, the later not.  + check for relevant articles on a subject + check to learn what questions are trending in your niche. I searched for fashion and style topics and I was disappointed on what I found, people asking about perfect miniskirts, this is the interest? really? so is a bit outdated, or the fashion audience is not there or.. I don't know. + check forums and Facebook/ LinkedIn groups of your niche for ideas of content. Always read the groups rules and follow them. Give quality content before you try to sell/ promote yourself.  + look for niche round-ups you could fit in and approach the owner of the article and let him now you exist by telling him about a valuable content you have written + Content i