duminică, 29 august 2021

My very own Pudgy Penguins

My first take/ fake on the pudgy penguin, it's a classical penguin with mustache a la Dali and red bow tie on a light blue background, the second has a curl of hair, monocle, and turquoise bow tie on a light yellow background, how do you like them? Apparently it's quite a thing these days to have a pudgy penguin, they are cute and expensive. The original Pudgy Penguin is one of only 8,888 sliding around on the freezing Ethereum blockchain and has quite a community around it found in the freezing cold, arctic region of the metaverse. 


vineri, 27 august 2021

Signals Intelligence Movie Poster

I did the movie poster for a short film about spies. I used elements from the movie to create the poster, the actors faces, the map, the radar, the targeting circles and other elements.

Description of Work: An eye-catching poster for the festival run of my new film. Looking for a creative designer with experience in making posters, with whom I can discuss ideas and who is open to making necessary adjustments. I can provide stills from the film to serve as the basis for the poster. Ideally completed before the end of August 2021. If selected for festivals, then further work for promotional materials may follow.

Client's Feedback: I was totally satisfied with every aspect of Maria's work. She understood the brief, came up with creative ideas, and responded quickly and effectively to all requested changes. Her communication was excellent. I couldn't have asked for more. I have just invited Maria to another piece of work. I highly recommend her.

My Feedback: I enjoyed working on this project. I designed a poster for a movie. Nigel communicated well what he wanted and sent the files needed for the project. There were a few revisions but not too many. I liked working with Nigel and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.

miercuri, 18 august 2021

Urban Optic Line Logo

I did the logo for Urban Optic Line. The client wanted a green eye for the logo. The first image is the final logo, the other are the logo proposals I've sent to the client.

luni, 16 august 2021

Winning Women Investors Logo

I've created the logo for Winning Women Investors, women investors investing in real estate. 

Final logo design

a few of the initial proposals

sâmbătă, 14 august 2021

vineri, 13 august 2021