miercuri, 16 decembrie 2020

Birthdays Calendar - refreshed

2020.12.12 An easy to use calendar, you can fill in all the important dates by month. You can frame it and put it somewhere you can see it so you don't miss any important date. If you have many friends and you don't want to forget a birthday, I have a nice solution: a calendar that you can frame and complete either by writing on paper or with the marker on the glass. You will say that Facebook or the reminders phone calendar take care of it, but I say that the printed version is also useful and will give you a perspective on the birthdays during the year.

Birthday Calendar: An easy to use calendar, you can complete with important dates / birth dates of friends from each month. You can frame it and put it somewhere in sight so that you never forget an important date. It can be printed in A3 or A4 format. Frames can be found at any interior decorations store like Pepco (the A3 is 10 lei).

2020 Update of the design

+ changed the fonts

+ changed a bit the colours

+ added 2 more lines for dates and names for each month, so 12 lines

You can download both 2018 and 2020 versions at the same price of 5,36 euro.

You can print it in

A3 (297 x 420 mm/ 11.7 x 16.5 in) format or

A4 (210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in) format.

+ There is a personalized box for each month of the year.

+ Room to write dates and names, 10 lines on the 2018 version and 12 lines on the 2020 version

+ Print a new one each year.

+ Easy to laminate to re-use each year or place in a frame and add birthdays with a marker pen on the glass/plastic so you can wipe them off.

You will receive a single page file of the design that you can print onto the paper of your choice and as many times as you need so you can fill in a new planner for each new year.

The dates can be typed on the computer.

+ If you have Adobe Photoshop/ Paint / other Image Processing Program

- just import the image/pdf and after you position the cursor in the right space you type the desired person/ date.

+ If you have Microsoft Word

- change Page Setup from Letter/ A4 to 29,7 cm x 42 cm if you want to keep the file dimensions

- import image, choose Behind text option, resize it to fill the page

- insert text boxes without fill or line, start typing, increase line spacing if needed

+ If you have Adobe Pro DC

- Within Acrobat, click on the Tools tab and select Prepare Form.

- Select the included .pdf file. Acrobat analyses your document and adds form fields automatically.

- Add new form fields from the top toolbar, and adjust the layout using tools in the right pane.

marți, 15 decembrie 2020

Christmas Cards

If you want special Christmas cards you can find some designs I did in this post. They can be personalized, you can send them in digital format or print. Orders at ro.amartis@gmail.com / design@mariata.ro.

I've made a Christmas Card Pack you can buy on etsy for 17.85 euro

Model CC6, 2020.12.06

Model CC5, 2020.12.01

 Model CC4, 2020.12.01 I wanted to illustrate that cosy feeling of being indoors all snuggled up in a shawl with a warm cup of tea or coffee warming your hands while outside is snowing with big white snowflakes. 

Model CC3 2020.11.28 Model with stylized snow flakes, "Let it snow" and quote by Kahlil Gibran - "Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers."

Model CC2 2020.11.26  Model with vegetal elements specific to Christmas, mistletoe, Christmas tree branches, disposed randomly, "Merry Christmas" and quote "love knows no distance".

Model CC1 2020.11.26  Model with vegetal elements specific to Christmas, mistletoe, Christmas tree branches, disposed semi-circular, "Merry Christmas" and quote "love knows no distance".

joi, 10 decembrie 2020

Felicitare Personalizata de Craciun

Felicitare Personalizata de Craciun
Daca doriti sa faceti un cadou creativ si original anul acesta alegeti o felicitare personalizata. Folosind una sau mai multe poze de-ale dumneavoastra si impreuna cu elemente de sezon alese de comun acord voi face un colaj/design deosebit. E posibil sa fac un desen cu persoana in loc de colaj. Este posibil sa facem felicitarea si doar din elemente grafice, fara poze daca doriti ceva mai business. 
Pret 150 de lei/ 3 ore de munca, ce depaseste se taxeaza cu 50 lei/ora
In pret e inclus fisierul digital al felicitarii in format .jpg
O puteti trimite pe email sau posta pe facebook, instagram sau alte retele de socializare. 
Eventual o puteti si imprima.
Felicitarile pot fi facute si cu alte ocazii, zile de nastere/ alte sarbatori.
Comenzi la ro.amartis@gmail.com.

Personalized Card for Christmas
If you want to make a special present this year, choose a personalized greeting card. Using one or more pictures together with some specific seasonal elements I will make a special collage / design. I can make a drawing of the person instead of a collage. It is possible to make a greeting card with just graphics, no pictures if you want something more business.
Price 30 Euro/ 3 hours of work (10 euro/ extra hour of work)
for the digital file that you can send by email or on social media. 
felicitare tip conferinta online

felicitare cu o persoana desenata

felicitare familie desenata

felicitare cuplu cu coronita de Craciun si iepurasi

felicitare cuplu #2
felicitare domnisoara + elemente grafice fulgi de zapada

felicitare domnisoara + brad si zapada

felicitare domnisoara suprapusa peste fundal de Craciun

felicitare de firma
felicitare poza glob si brad
felicitare elemente de sezon cu globulete si crengute brad

luni, 7 decembrie 2020

Felicitari Craciun

Daca doriti felicitari deosebite de Craciun gasiti in continuare cateva modele facute de mine. Ele se pot personaliza, trimite in format digital sau imprima. Comenzi la ro.amartis@gmail.com / design@mariata.ro.

model FC7, 2020.12.06 model cu tema religioasa ilustrand Sfanta Familie, Fecioara Maria cu pruncul Iisus si Iosif, de jur imprejur elemente vegetale si decoratiuni specifice bisericilor. 

model FC6, 2020.12.01 Am folosit doar elemente de Craciun (crengute de brad, globulete, un brad, vasc, fulgi de nea) in culorile verde, alb si rosu intr-o felicitare cu aspect vintage. Urarea este" Va doresc un Craciun Fericit si luminos, plin de pace, de surprize placute si de dragoste!"

model FC5, 2020.11.29 Model de felicitare de Craciun cu fulgi de zapada stilizati, "Da Doamne sa fie zapada" si citat de Kahlil Gibran - "Bunatatea e ca zapada. Infrumuseteaza tot ce acopera".

model FC3, 2020.11.27 Model de Felicitare de Craciun cu elemente vegetale specifice sezonului dispuse aleator, crengute de brad si vasc. Urarea "Craciun Fericit" si citatul "dragostea nu tine cont de distanta".
model FC4, 2020.11.27 Model de Felicitare de Craciun cu elemente vegetale specifice sezonului, crengute de brad si vasc dispuse semicircular, ca paranteze rotunde, urarea "Craciun Fericit" si citatul "dragostea nu tine cont de distanta".

model FC1 fata 2019  Model cu urarea "Sarbatori Fericite" si doi tineri colindatori maramureseni el si ea imbracati in straie traditionale.

model FC2 fata 2019 Model ce imita un pulover tricotat cu hora de tineri, femei si barbati, fulg de zapada stilizat si urarea "La multi ani 2019!"