marți, 22 aprilie 2014

Balchik 3

After visiting Capul Kaliakra we went to Balchik, my mother was tired so she and my father stopped at a restaurant near the palace, leaving me and Mihaela to visit freely the bothanical garden of Balchik which was gorgeos filled with many tipes of tulips and little flowers of all kind. We ate a traditional bulgarian salad and hamsie and another traditional bulgarian food consisting of cooked vegetables and meat, delicious.

Previous photos from Balchik: 1 and 2.

Here is just a selection of the many photos we took, all the photos(300) are on picasa

luni, 21 aprilie 2014

Capul Kaliakra

On a lovely monday, second day of Easter we decided to go to Balchik. I told Mihaela about it and she was thrilled with the idea but uncertain if she could come, in the end she agreed so all 4 of us, me, my parents and Mihaela left for Balchik at about 9:45 from Mangalia. We decided to first go and visit Kaliacra as a friend of mine, Octavia, had recommended it to me. We arrived at the site an hour later, at 10:50. Beautiful sights from the heights, a peninsula surrounded by the sea from all but one parts, loved the gorgeous blue-green colour of the sea, interesting ruins, interesting experience, definetly worth seeing.

duminică, 20 aprilie 2014

Experiecing loss

[27th March 2014 07:33]
Remember my 2 new boy cats, Tomi and Gica? Well, one of them, Gica, the orange one, is gone, gone baby gone. My father took them(Gica and Tomi) outside (for the first time in a few months of winter of staying only indoors) while I was at work and after thinking that they both were hidden in the garage, he realised that Giga dissapeared. It's been a few days now and it didn't come back. Tomi was brought in the house now and now an then my parents take it outside. Every time I see Tomi I remember Gica's disappearance, because they were inseparable. When we took them from our neighbor Mirela we thought that it will do them good to be 2 brothers to experience the arrival in a new home, and we thought well, they were doing all things together, sleeping, doing naughty things and especially eating together. But now Tomi is alone. We've lost about 2 nights of sleep because Tomi was crying and searching hopelessly for his brother trough the house in the middle of the night.
It calmed down in the meantime and it's good that it still has Suzy, our other cat that stays indoors, and it hangs around with her now, her and the big cats, us. Now every time I'll see a tabby cat I'll remember Gica. Before this when I saw a tabby cat I  remembered another Gica, my gradfather's cat, an old and wise cat very experienced in living outdoors. That cat is also gone, died of on old age. I named this Gica in rememberance of my gradfather's cat.

I hope from my heart that Gica, wherever he is, it does well, that it found food or a good home with other cats where to live, or maybe it will come back...

[2 April 2014 7:55] 
I just found out this morning that Gica is at our neighbor house, eating with our neighbor cats and running away when anyone tried to approach it. At least we know it is good, although there is little chance for Gica to come back home as it runs away when we try to catch it. It's been a wild cat since it was little, we can't cage it's little free spirit by holding him only indoors. I hope the best for it and hopefully it will live a long life in our vicinity.

[2 April 2014 19:00]
I've seen Gica, he hides in a open pipe near the street, close to our home, my mother took me to it; it broke my heart to see it like this, it looked weak and more mature. My mother took it some food and water and managed to touch it, but not to grab it. She hopes that my father when he arrives home will try to convince Gica with food to return at least to our courtyard. I feel so much pity for it, but it feels like I've given up on it, not like my mother who still has hopes. I pray that she is right.

[6 April 2014 10:23]
We (the whole family) been to Gica's hiding place 
with food and my father took it back home. But indoors Tomi bite it and they both started crying so my father took Gica back outdoor, in the garage and gave it the rest of the food.
After it ate it Gica went hiding under the armchair in the garage. We left it there. It knows there is food in the garage, it must know that it is loved by us, it's its choice if it stayes or leaves again. But I ponder what does a poor little cat know about choices and what's best's best for it.

[20 Aprilie 2014 18:22]
Gică is living in our garage for a while now, it eats cat food, it gets out on its own and patrols the garden and the yard, it ignores the two dogs, which is good it means that it isn't afraid, stays to be petted while eating and sometimes while it is in the garden too. I'm happy to know it safe in our yard.

sâmbătă, 19 aprilie 2014

fie ca lumina...

Felicitare de Paste

nu am avut posibilitatea să încondeiez ouă, nu am ustensilele necesare şi nici cadrul potrivit,
însă mi-a venit ideea să pictez un ou digital :-),

anul trecut am desenat unul de mână însă nu mai ştiu pe unde am pus desenul

sper că la un moment dat să am ocazia să şi încondeiez ouă reale

urarea "fie ca lumina...." e bine cunoscuta zilele acestea, completaţi fiecare cu ce vă vrea inima...

vineri, 18 aprilie 2014

Un Paste Fericit!

Fie ca lumina Pastelui sa va gaseasca alaturi de cei dragi, cu masa indestulata, pace in suflete si multa voie buna !

Am pozat editia de anul acesta a oualor vopsite de Paste in gradina... mai lipsea un iepuras.
A fost Suzy temporar sa le miroasa insa nu am apucat sa o pozez :-)

duminică, 13 aprilie 2014

de Florii

La multi ani tuturor ce poarta nume de flori! Multa sănătate şi iubire!
eu, Maria, purtând o ie cumpărata de la una din manastirile din N Moldovei şi narcise de la noi din grădină.

ce diferenta faţă de anul trecut, anul acesta a plouat şi a fost urât mai toată ziua aşa încît nu am putut să fac poze cu flori cât aş fi vrut.

marți, 1 aprilie 2014

o legatura unica

I'm participating to a contest about the special connection between mothers and daughters.
Please vote for me here! (click on the green circle with a white heart inside)
I had to write some words about my relation with my mother

in Romanian:
Buna ziua! De mica ma uitam la mama ca la cea mai frumoasa femeie, cu parul lung, ondulat ea reprezenta pentru mine un ideal de frumusete, intre timp s-a tuns, s-a mai ingrasat insa in inima mea ea e totusi cea mai frumoasa. Avem o relatie speciala, de mica ma alinta, imi zice gogoasa, tzontzoroi, funitza de papaduc, etc. eu ii zic simplu… mami. N-a fost o relatie intotdeauna de lapte si miere am avut certurile noastre, in special in perioada in care nu am avut loc de munca, dar am depasit problemele, eu mi-am gasit un loc de munca si acum relatia noastra e si mai puternica. Imi e draga mama si ma bucur ca Dumnezeu a facut posibil sa o am aproape de mine, sa ma sprijine si sa ma incurajeze, sa strabatem impreuna viata. Am 31 de ani si locuiesc inca cu mama si cu tata ce au 56 de ani si ma consider o norocoasa. As vrea sa ii am aproape pana la adanci batraneti, nu-mi concep viata fara ei. As vrea sa ne intelegem intotdeauna bine asa cum ne intelegem acum, sa fie dragastoasa cu mine. Nu a fost mereu asa de dragastoasa, cand eram mica era mai rezervata, insa cu trecerea anilor s-a mai deschis si acum ma pupa si ma rasfatza deseori. Te iubesc mami.

in English:
Hello! Since I was a little girl I looked at my mother as she was the most beautiful woman in the world, with long, curly hair she was for me a beauty ideal; meanwhile she cut her hair, she put on some weght but in my heart she is still the most beautiful... (tell me if you want the whole translation)
I've found out about this contest from Andreea Raicu's facebook / site.
She and her mother are the faces of the campaign.

I was reminded by another article on Andreea's site and inspired by the photo posted with the article(the photo below) I decided to enter the contest and to make a similar photo with my mother. I entered the contest with an older photo made with me and my mother at the monasteries in Moldavia, because at that time I wanted to make my mother a surprise with the participation at the contest.

She was pleasantly surprised when she found out on 31 of March.