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Terms and conditions document redesign

On the #upwork platform I did the design of a Document with Terms and Conditions for a German Client working in Consultancy / . It implied designing the layout with blocks of color for headings, choosing the colors in line with the colors used on the website, creating a delicate border in line with the logo of the fairy. The text is Lorem Ipsum for privacy reasons. The real document had 6 pages, this preview, only one, because you get the idea of the design from one page. 

Course Review: Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2021

What did I learn from Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2021 by Brad Merrill on, 3,5 hours of video content, 10,99 euro. 

+ There is a big difference between, the first being free, the later not. 

+ check for relevant articles on a subject

+ check to learn what questions are trending in your niche. I searched for fashion and style topics and I was disappointed on what I found, people asking about perfect miniskirts, this is the interest? really? so is a bit outdated, or the fashion audience is not there or.. I don't know.

+ check forums and Facebook/ LinkedIn groups of your niche for ideas of content. Always read the groups rules and follow them. Give quality content before you try to sell/ promote yourself. 

+ look for niche round-ups you could fit in and approach the owner of the article and let him now you exist by telling him about a valuable content you have written

+ Content idea: links roundup, news roundup, specialist roundup discussing a specific topic you propose

+ when you want to increase the number of email subscriptions you need to offer something of value to your readers for free, a lead magnet, after they sign up preferably in the welcome e-mail. 

+ when you have a piece of content, an interview for example, make it available in different formats on different media, audio/ video/ written text/ quotes made into twitts/ quotes made into Instagram posts / infographics etc.

My conclusion: 4/5 stars. It has general information about blogging and I found a few new notions I didn't know about, so great! It's a good starting guide, but doesn't go very in depth with many topics. I'm a blogger for some time and I would have wanted 2021 information about blogging. More about monetizing, finding topics for blog posts, keyword planner advice, etc. Taking the course is a first step in bettering my blogs, I hope I'm on the right track. 


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Catinorum - box and ad

  I had to do for a test job for an ad and a box for  some alimentary supliments with sea ​​buckthorn. Am avut de facut ca proba de lucru pentru o reclama  si o cutie pentru niste suplimente alimentare cu catina. Cum va plac?

Planificator Financiar de Buget / Cheltuieli

Am facut designul pentru un planificator financiar de buget/ cheltuieli. Daca va place si il doriti abonati-va la lista mea de newsletter si veti primi linkul de descarcare pe e-mail.  Formular in care sa completati cheltuielile zilnice Formular in care sa completati lunar cheltuielile cu utilitatile si diferite abonamente. Formular in care sa completati situatia conturilor, veniturile, economiile, bugetul saptamanal. Formular in care sa completati lunar situatia totala a cheltuielilor impartite pe categorii.  Si apoi sa vedeti care este media, minimul si maximul cheltuielilor pe categorii.

Sedinta Foto de Portret si de Moda

Sunt disponibila ca fotograf pentru sedinte foto de portret si de moda in aer liber, in zona Constanta.  PRET 250 lei  / 1 ora / minim 30 fotografii, 5 fotografii editate. ECHIPAMENT: Aparat Canon 750D, cu obiectivele: kit 18-135mm si 50mm 1.4. EU SI FOTOGRAFIA De cand am descoperit fotografia, in copilarie, mi-a placut sa fac poze. Tatal meu mi-a cumparat primul meu aparat foto digital. Faceam poze animalutelor din curtea bunicilor,  florilor din gradina, faceam poze bunicilor, parintilor... apoi am plecat la facultate si le faceam poze colegilor si ii faceam poze verisoarei mele, cu care locuiam, apoi ea s-a mutat si am inceput proiectul de moda urbana, UrbnStyle. De cand cu pandemia am ramas la autoportrete. Dar pasiunea pentru fotografie a ramas, a ramas si talentul si m-am gandit sa le pun la lucru, asa ca daca aveti nevoie de fotografii din diferite motive, va pot ajuta.  DE CE SA ITI FACI FOTOGRAFII? Foloseste portretele atat pentru colectia personala, cat si pentru facebook, in


Birthdays Calendar

2018.11.14   Birthdays Calendar:  An easy to use calendar, you can fill in all the important dates by month. You can frame it and put it somewhere you can see it so you don't miss any important date. You can print it in A3 or A4 format.  Frames can be found at any interior decorations store like Pepco (the A3 is 10 lei). If you have many friends and you don't want to forget a birthday, I have a nice solution: a calendar that you can frame and complete either by writing on paper or with the marker on the glass. You will say that Facebook or the reminders phone calendar take care of it, but I say that the printed version is also useful and will give you a perspective on the birthdays during the year.  + There is a personalized box for each month of the year. + Room to write dates and names, 10 lines on the 2018 version and 12 lines on the 2020 version. + Print a new one each year. + Easy to laminate to re-use each year or place in a frame and add birthdays with a marker pen on th