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Course Review: Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2021

What did I learn from Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2021 by Brad Merrill on udemy.com, 3,5 hours of video content, 10,99 euro. 

+ There is a big difference between wordpress.org/ wordpress.com, the first being free, the later not. 

+ check BuzzSumo.com for relevant articles on a subject

+ check Quora.com to learn what questions are trending in your niche. I searched for fashion and style topics and I was disappointed on what I found, people asking about perfect miniskirts, this is the interest? really? so Quora.com is a bit outdated, or the fashion audience is not there or.. I don't know.

+ check forums and Facebook/ LinkedIn groups of your niche for ideas of content. Always read the groups rules and follow them. Give quality content before you try to sell/ promote yourself. 

+ look for niche round-ups you could fit in and approach the owner of the article and let him now you exist by telling him about a valuable content you have written

+ Content idea: links roundup, news roundup, specialist roundup discussing a specific topic you propose

+ when you want to increase the number of email subscriptions you need to offer something of value to your readers for free, a lead magnet, after they sign up preferably in the welcome e-mail. 

+ when you have a piece of content, an interview for example, make it available in different formats on different media, audio/ video/ written text/ quotes made into twitts/ quotes made into Instagram posts / infographics etc.

My conclusion: 4/5 stars. It has general information about blogging and I found a few new notions I didn't know about, so great! It's a good starting guide, but doesn't go very in depth with many topics. I'm a blogger for some time and I would have wanted 2021 information about blogging. More about monetizing, finding topics for blog posts, keyword planner advice, etc. Taking the course is a first step in bettering my blogs, I hope I'm on the right track. 

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