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I'm participating to a contest about the special connection between mothers and daughters.
Please vote for me here! (click on the green circle with a white heart inside)
I had to write some words about my relation with my mother

in Romanian:
Buna ziua! De mica ma uitam la mama ca la cea mai frumoasa femeie, cu parul lung, ondulat ea reprezenta pentru mine un ideal de frumusete, intre timp s-a tuns, s-a mai ingrasat insa in inima mea ea e totusi cea mai frumoasa. Avem o relatie speciala, de mica ma alinta, imi zice gogoasa, tzontzoroi, funitza de papaduc, etc. eu ii zic simplu… mami. N-a fost o relatie intotdeauna de lapte si miere am avut certurile noastre, in special in perioada in care nu am avut loc de munca, dar am depasit problemele, eu mi-am gasit un loc de munca si acum relatia noastra e si mai puternica. Imi e draga mama si ma bucur ca Dumnezeu a facut posibil sa o am aproape de mine, sa ma sprijine si sa ma incurajeze, sa strabatem impreuna viata. Am 31 de ani si locuiesc inca cu mama si cu tata ce au 56 de ani si ma consider o norocoasa. As vrea sa ii am aproape pana la adanci batraneti, nu-mi concep viata fara ei. As vrea sa ne intelegem intotdeauna bine asa cum ne intelegem acum, sa fie dragastoasa cu mine. Nu a fost mereu asa de dragastoasa, cand eram mica era mai rezervata, insa cu trecerea anilor s-a mai deschis si acum ma pupa si ma rasfatza deseori. Te iubesc mami.

in English:
Hello! Since I was a little girl I looked at my mother as she was the most beautiful woman in the world, with long, curly hair she was for me a beauty ideal; meanwhile she cut her hair, she put on some weght but in my heart she is still the most beautiful... (tell me if you want the whole translation)
I've found out about this contest from Andreea Raicu's facebook / site.
She and her mother are the faces of the campaign.

I was reminded by another article on Andreea's site and inspired by the photo posted with the article(the photo below) I decided to enter the contest and to make a similar photo with my mother. I entered the contest with an older photo made with me and my mother at the monasteries in Moldavia, because at that time I wanted to make my mother a surprise with the participation at the contest.

She was pleasantly surprised when she found out on 31 of March.


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