marți, 22 aprilie 2014

Balchik 3

After visiting Capul Kaliakra we went to Balchik, my mother was tired so she and my father stopped at a restaurant near the palace, leaving me and Mihaela to visit freely the bothanical garden of Balchik which was gorgeos filled with many tipes of tulips and little flowers of all kind. We ate a traditional bulgarian salad and hamsie and another traditional bulgarian food consisting of cooked vegetables and meat, delicious.

Previous photos from Balchik: 1 and 2.

Here is just a selection of the many photos we took, all the photos(300) are on picasa

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  1. Imi plac pozele si gradinile sunt superbe, imi plac f mult arcadele, si copacii aia fusiformi f f inalti. Iar combinatia de flori, iarba si mare, te lasa fara cuvinte. Ati iesit toti f bine in poze, ma faci sa imi doresc si mai mult o masina, sa evadez si eu pe ici pe colo mai usor. Dupa ce termin cu casa, poate ma orientez. Puuup!