luni, 12 februarie 2024

Ai Generated Images

2024.02.06 I discovered a new AI engine: Microsoft Bing. I used it to generate images from my dreams and even I generated images for a client. I like it because it creates images very photo-realistic and beautiful.

2024.02.12 beautiful pointy ballet flats with crystals

2024.02.10 from a small age I have this recurring dream with big waves 
reaching the building of flats where I am

dream with blossomed cherry trees, fleet of stairs and a gheisha

dream with a terrace viewing the sea

2023.08.16 I played around in Open Ai Dalle2 and midjourney and created for some articles or greeting cards, some ai generated images. How do you like them?

image of women in chamomile field generated with Open Ai Dalle2 , used to create a greeting card

image of a sewing woman generated with Open Ai Dalle2 , used in a fashion article about Slow fashion

image of a sewing woman generated with midjourney , used in a fashion article about Slow fashion

image with pianos on a field generated with Open Ai Dalle2 , inspired by a movie, Mrs. Davis

image of a career center generated with Open Ai Dalle2, used in an article 

image of a children choir generated with Open Ai Dalle2, used in an article about music I know with such a choir

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