marți, 29 august 2023

Totally Reliant Labs Planner - Gut Reset - Heal from Inside Out

I have designed for Totally Reliant Labs a Planner - Gut Reset - Heal from Inside Out called Thrive 40: Planner to empower you wellness journey | 30 Day Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss Planner for a 40(and over)-Year-Old Woman.

Richard from @_totalyreliantlabs had made several planners, I put them together in one planner by grouping similar information into the same day. It resulted a 30 day planner filled with ideas on how you can better your lifestyle by daily exercise, healthy meal planning, socializing, journaling, making trips outdoors and other good ideas worth implementing.  You can contact Richard and request a copy of the planner. Design wise, to make it in the same idea, I kept the same design used for the Gut Reset eBook. I also made him a carousel to post on Instagram. How do you like it?

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