vineri, 29 decembrie 2023

2023: round up conclusions


The year 2023 in numbers

👍 8 returning Upwork clients

👍 19 new Upwork clients


👉 27 documents/ magazines / catalogs / eBooks designed

👉 17 packaging designs

👉 11 logos designed

👉 2 infographics designed

👉 3 commissioned & 4 personal illustrations

Thank you to all the clients and collaborators, it was a good year, I surpassed with a little my earnings goal! Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me in following my dreams! 

See on the blog part of my work in 2023 (not all clients agreed to let the work done by me, be added to my portfolio, some was private) I wish that 2024 is even better and I design even more work and also find more time for my personal projects.

Thank you for being here! Happy New Year!


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