luni, 5 iunie 2023

Life Planner


I am working on designing a digital life planner, for use in Microsoft Word. How do you like the idea? I currently use such a planner but a more simple version and I want to make a more beautiful and graphic version for Etsy downloads. It's for keeping track of your days, from cleaning to dreams. Stay close. Would you buy it in English or Romanian?

UPDATE 04.06.2023: You can find a test special price version on Etsy - EUR 6.55. If you buy now I will update your files till the end of the year. 

Digital life planner, for use in Microsoft Word. Butterfly theme.

It contains Microsoft Word files, each for a different topic. You can edit the file and add your daily entries.

+ bathroom-selfcare

+ house-cleaning

+ kitchen-meal-plan

+ kitchen-what-I-ate

+ kitchen-what-I-cooked

+ selfcare-dreams

+ ... will add others soon

Enjoy! Please feel free to leave feedback to improve this product. This is a work in progress listing, so the price is a special offer, I will add new pages soon. If you buy this product now I will personally send you this year's updates. I use this system of life management and I find it easy to use and find information, much easier than on paper.


+ Plan Curatenie Saptamanala my history over the years in home and cleaning management 

+ Organizare label

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