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Christmas Cards

If you want special Christmas cards you can find some designs I did in this post. They can be personalized, you can send them in digital format or print. Orders at /

I've made a Christmas Card Pack you can buy on etsy for 17.85 euro

Model CC6, 2020.12.06

Model CC5, 2020.12.01

 Model CC4, 2020.12.01 I wanted to illustrate that cosy feeling of being indoors all snuggled up in a shawl with a warm cup of tea or coffee warming your hands while outside is snowing with big white snowflakes. 

Model CC3 2020.11.28 Model with stylized snow flakes, "Let it snow" and quote by Kahlil Gibran - "Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers."

Model CC2 2020.11.26  Model with vegetal elements specific to Christmas, mistletoe, Christmas tree branches, disposed randomly, "Merry Christmas" and quote "love knows no distance".

Model CC1 2020.11.26  Model with vegetal elements specific to Christmas, mistletoe, Christmas tree branches, disposed semi-circular, "Merry Christmas" and quote "love knows no distance".


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Logo Design Services

EN/ RO : The logo is an important part of  your firm's identity. It concentrates in a symbol or a name all the core values of your firm.  I can design you a beautiful logo. I also can redesign your existing logo according to your requirements. You will get a few original design concepts, initially 3 for your logo from which to choose from. We will further refine the chosen design or I will try design other concepts till we reach the best option for your business. Requirements 1. Description of the business, its name, its values and what the client wants for the logo. 2. Images of logos liked by the client. Project steps 1. Gather requirements. 2. Deliver concepts. 3. If one concept is chosen, further refine. Price   30 euro :  3 initial concepts, 3 revisions of the chosen logo, resulting logo in vectorial format .cdr/ .eps  and .jpg, transparent .png, .pdf for print 300 dpi. +  10 euro : another design concept  +  20 euro : logo manual after the logo is chosen, describing the logo

Catinorum - box and ad

  I had to do for a test job for an ad and a box for  some alimentary supliments with sea ​​buckthorn. Am avut de facut ca proba de lucru pentru o reclama  si o cutie pentru niste suplimente alimentare cu catina. Cum va plac?