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yellow day

15:35 the sun throws a warm light over the grey dusty city, busses pass saturated
with people, cars pile up near a traffic light, people walking fast towards home,
tired, expressionless, no noise, no color, just thoughts walk in front of their eyes.

I subtly surpass the dozen cars witch sit like forgotten metal cages at a traffic light,

my bike squeaks a little when I pedal, some kids start laughing when they see me
and start screaming “the girl with yellow pegas bike, look look, how strange”.

A splash of color will always stand out over a grey canvas, so my eyes get caught

by the outfit of a young girl walking on the street. Bold, contrasting colors and she
walks proudly with a confident attitude. I approach her and soon she understands
why. She is happy for such a compliment and agrees to let me take a photo of her.
We walk a few steps and as I decide I like the surroundings too, I take her photo.
A few moments in which two strangers superficially connected, she walks her way

thinking about the unusual experience, I ride my bike along the grey pavement.

But is it just that?


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Logo Design Services

EN/ RO : The logo is an important part of  your firm's identity. It concentrates in a symbol or a name all the core values of your firm.  I can design you a beautiful logo. I also can redesign your existing logo according to your requirements. You will get a few original design concepts, initially 3 for your logo from which to choose from. We will further refine the chosen design or I will try design other concepts till we reach the best option for your business. Requirements 1. Description of the business, its name, its values and what the client wants for the logo. 2. Images of logos liked by the client. Project steps 1. Gather requirements. 2. Deliver concepts. 3. If one concept is chosen, further refine. Price   30 euro :  3 initial concepts, 3 revisions of the chosen logo, resulting logo in vectorial format .cdr/ .eps  and .jpg, transparent .png, .pdf for print 300 dpi. +  10 euro : another design concept  +  20 euro : logo manual after the logo is chosen, describing the logo

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