joi, 17 aprilie 2008

yellow day

15:35 the sun throws a warm light over the grey dusty city, busses pass saturated
with people, cars pile up near a traffic light, people walking fast towards home,
tired, expressionless, no noise, no color, just thoughts walk in front of their eyes.

I subtly surpass the dozen cars witch sit like forgotten metal cages at a traffic light,

my bike squeaks a little when I pedal, some kids start laughing when they see me
and start screaming “the girl with yellow pegas bike, look look, how strange”.

A splash of color will always stand out over a grey canvas, so my eyes get caught

by the outfit of a young girl walking on the street. Bold, contrasting colors and she
walks proudly with a confident attitude. I approach her and soon she understands
why. She is happy for such a compliment and agrees to let me take a photo of her.
We walk a few steps and as I decide I like the surroundings too, I take her photo.
A few moments in which two strangers superficially connected, she walks her way

thinking about the unusual experience, I ride my bike along the grey pavement.

But is it just that?

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