marți, 3 mai 2022

Course Review: Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate | Lindsay Marsh

I've started the Course on Udemy Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate | Lindsay Marsh. In this article you will find the student assignments I did. 

I liked the course very much,

+ it approaches different fields of graphic design: photo editing, logo design, isometric design, packaging design, ad design

+ has a lot of examples of design

+ has a lot of student projects

Photos from and

 2.1. Object removal using Photoshop > Select Subject > Content Aware Fill and tweaks

2.2. Building a photo composite

3. creating shadow

4. Creating a poster for a hamburger / fast food restaurant. I replicated the poster from the course but with another image for the hamburger and another background.

5. Logo design - Flux Video read more

6. Logo Design Student Project - The Golden Hop Brewery and Restaurant Logo read more

I finished watching the course but I still have some student projects to do, hope I find time to do them.

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