vineri, 28 august 2020

Home Monitoring Kit, Home Keeping Kit

I tried over time many forms of keeping track of work around the house and I found this style, writing progress on plain paper the most appealing to me. Paper still has it's charm now in this digital age, and it's a medium I find to be helpful.
I created these forms for me to help me be better organized in home keeping and as they worked for me, I thought maybe they could help somebody else too, why not you?

They are in .pdf format easily printed in A4 or Letter format and then filed in a folder you can make for your home. There are 5 files:

+ cleaning, you can print one for each major room in your house;

+ repeatable ideas, why not write down all those good new ideas;

+ little accidents, they are inevitable, why not write them down;

+ visits, it's good to remember who came, when and why;

+ musical searches, don't you get in the mood to search songs with a theme?

Download on ETSY  13.09 euro

I'm open to suggestions in making this product better, so if you have any ideas do tell me.

See on my blog another type of cleaning organizer, one where you check boxes for done jobs.

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